Ok, perhaps 'launches' is a bit bold. Perhaps crawls out onto the shaky stage of the world wide web, hoping to get noticed but is really actually hoping that it can have enough stage time to get noticed whilst holding onto the dream thtat by drearily pelting out a shaky tune it can convince the public to follow in its beliefs. I slaughtered that metaphor but you get the jist.
    Who am I? I hear you shout and how am I on this page? I am Charles Vaughan, 15 year old from Bristol (if you couldn't already tell by the obnoxious banner) and I am a musician. Actually you might have guessed that from the homepage containg 20 zillion links to my music pages but hey, any publicity is good publicity. I guess I could say I want to get noticed, but I guess that's the whole point of having a website. Ok, I want to be heard, listened to, talked about, even disliked but not quite to the extent of hate on Skrillex or Jews. Actually people don't hate the Jews, they just like to tease them like that one kid in class who always trys to fit in and will do anything you say in order to be 'cool' or your friend and still after years of bullying him you still reject him from and interaction with you that can not benefit your own intrests. These metaphors are getting pretty extensive, but, anyway. I digress.
    Yes I'm a musician who makes dubstep, hate me or love me or claim I don't make dubstep. The genre shouldn't be important, it's the music I care about. I on't go into massive detail but yeah, its on the social page. I also am a huge gamer, my platform being the xbox 360 so I will also probbably post bits on and about games etc.
    So yeah, feel free to spam my email inbox about how "thats not dubstep" or "skrillex is way better than this shit", you can send that to idontgiveashit@fuckoff.co.uk however if you have any topics you want me to talk about or any REASONABLE things to say feel free to comment or send an email to cs.vaughan@tiscali.co.uk


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